Santa Clara Valley Water District pushes Fluoridation of Valley’s Water

On Dec 11, 2011 the Santa Clara Valley Water District will vote on funding their decision to fluoridate Santa Clara County water.  Seventy two percent of U.S. residents have fluoridated water.  Most supporters,  including public health officials, say fluoridation reduces tooth decay — especially for low-income children who don’t have access to dental care.  The Health Trust ($1 million), First 5 Santa Clara County ($900,000) and the California Dental Association Foundation ($500,000) are combining to chip in the $2.4 million with the Water District chipping in $4.2 million.

Critics continue to contend that fluoridation adds unnecessary costs and can lead to health ailments.  Plus they contend that there are many sources of flouride in our diet that we are not aware of for example in sodas and bottle water.  Also,  fluoridation targets a small percentage of water consumers.  But on Monday, board members LeZotte, Tony Estremera and Don Gage voted to recommend funding.

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I believe topical fluoride is beneficial but I don’t believe that we should forcibly mandate all people to ingest it.