Orthodontics and Food


Orthodontic Foods

So you just got your braces on and your craving a cheesburger!

Your teeth will probably get sore 4 to 5 hours after your braces are in place. You may want to take 1-2 Tylenol after your appointment and continue taking them to prevent soreness the next day.

Often patients experience irritation from the braces. The wax we gave you may be used to place over sharp or irritating areas. Roll the wax between your fingers to soften it, then place it in the appropriate spot. Salt water rinses may also help. If irritation persists, call our office for assistance.

If you have a bracket or band come loose be sure and call our office even if you already have a scheduled appointment. We may need to see your child sooner or allow more time for the repair. Otherwise adequate time may not be available at the appointment. Another appointment may be necessary to replace the broken bracket, band or wire.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR RESERVED COMMUNITY! We cannot express enough the importance of regular COMMUNITY and checkups. Braces can adversely move teeth, causing damage or lengthening treatment time if not supervised regularly by the doctor. If there is a problem with making COMMUNITY or a financial problem arises, please call our office so that we may assist you. Never stop coming in for regular COMMUNITY no matter what the reason!!

BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU EAT !! Avoid hard, crunchy or sticky foods. These types of food may bend wires or cause the braces to become loose. Please be aware that excessive damage to the braces may prolong the overall treatment of your case. We cannot list everything, but a few popular items to be avoided are:

  • POPCORN – Stay away from the half popped kernels.
  • FRITOS, DORITOS, ETC. – The thinner the chip the better.
  • ICE – A thousand times NO.
  • PIZZA CRUST – The pizza is OK but don’t eat the ends or hard crust.
  • PEANUTS – Any kind of nut is too hard.
  • TACO SHELLS – The soft shells are fine.
  • BUBBLE GUM – Any kind of gum is damaging.
  • HARD OR STICK CANDY – Jolly Ranchers, Now & Later, Starburst, taffy, caramels etc. Candy bars are OK if they don’t contain nuts.
  • PENS, PENCILS, and FINGERNAILS – Try to refrain from chewing these things.
  • BONES – Cut meat such as chicken or spare ribs away from the bone before eating.
  • HARD FRUITS AND VEGETABLES – Cut things such as apples or carrots into small bite-size pieces. Corn should be cut off the cob.
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