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Crowns and bridges are a perfect dental blend of art and science. If you need to restore or replace a damaged or missing tooth, schedule a visit with Almaden Dental Associates in San Jose, California. Olga Belova, DDS, and the team of dedicated dental professionals can fit you with a crown or bridge that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Schedule your appointment today by phone or online.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is an artificial tooth cap that your dentist permanently seals to your natural tooth root or a dental implant.

The team at Almaden Dental Associates might recommend a crown for several reasons, including to:

  • Reinforce a tooth that’s had too many fillings
  • Restore a tooth that’s suffered from severe damage or decay
  • Replace a tooth that’s discolored or unsightly
  • Hold together a fractured tooth
  • Restore strength and structure to your tooth after a root canal

Once your crown has been sealed in place, it feels and functions just like a natural tooth.

What is a bridge?

If your mouth is missing one or more teeth, a bridge can replace them and make your smile whole again.

A bridge is a prosthetic tooth that has crowns sealed to both sides. Your dentist fits those crowns on the teeth that are adjacent to your missing tooth, holding the pontic (prosthetic tooth) in place and effectively bridging the gap where you’re missing a tooth.

If your teeth can’t support crowns, your dentist can fit you with an alternative bridge, like a cantilever bridge or a Maryland bonded bridge.

A bridge restores the cosmetic appearance of your smile by replacing your missing teeth, but it also has a number of health benefits, too.

By filling in the space where you’re missing a tooth, a bridge prevents your remaining teeth from shifting out of alignment and keeps the biting force in your smile more evenly distributed.

This helps to prevent excessive wear and tear on your teeth and protects you from developing jaw conditions like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

What’s involved in getting crowns and bridges?

The team at Almaden Dental Associates can fit you with your crown or bridge in two easy office visits.

During your first appointment, your dentist prepares your smile by shaving some enamel off of the tooth or teeth that are going to be receiving crowns. Then, they take an impression of your smile that they send to a lab. That lab designs your crown or bridge to fit perfectly in your smile.

You wear a temporary crown or bridge while the lab fabricates your permanent restoration, which usually only takes a couple of weeks.

You come back for a second appointment when your permanent crown or bridge is ready. Your dentist puts it in your smile, checks that the fit and bite are accurate, and seals it in place with dental cement. You leave the office with a beautifully restored smile and an improved ability to eat and speak.

Restore your smile today by booking a crown or bridge appointment with Almaden Dental Associates today. You can schedule your appointment by phone or online.