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Missing teeth can leave unsightly holes in your smile and have a negative impact on your overall oral health. If your smile is missing teeth, consider replacing them with dental implants. At Almaden Dental Associates in San Jose, California, Olga Belova, DDS, and the dental professionals provide their patients with high-quality dental implants that can revitalize a smile to make it whole and healthy again. To learn more, schedule a visit today by calling the office or booking online.

Implants Q & A

What are implants?

Dental implants are surgically inserted, artificial tooth roots. They’re made out of biocompatible substances, like titanium, which enables your implant to fuse with your bone as you heal from the procedure.

Implants are most typically used to replace missing teeth. Once your implant has fused to your jawbone, the team at Almaden Dental Associates can use it to affix a crown, bridge, or dentures to make your smile whole and healthy again.

Mini implants have also become popular in recent years. They’re smaller, less costly, and aren’t fully submerged in your jaw. Your dentist typically uses them to replace small teeth or incisors, or to replace a tooth that’s in a narrow area of your jaw.

Why should I get implants?

Implants are one of the most technologically advanced methods for replacing missing teeth. They’re stronger and more durable than other restorative options, like crowns and bridges, and don’t require you to remove any enamel from your teeth.

They also have one of the highest success rates amongst dental procedures with a five-year success rate of 90% or higher.

If you wear dentures, implants can totally transform your experience by giving your dentures a more stable and comfortable foundation to attach to.

And unlike suction or adhesive dentures, implant-retained dentures provide healthy stimulation to your jawbone, helping to prevent bone loss typically associated with missing teeth.

Are implants for me?

Implants are a viable option for most patients who are past adolescence or whose bone growth in their jaw has finished.

Your smile needs to be otherwise healthy before receiving dental implants, so you’ll have to treat any pre-existing dental conditions, like periodontal disease.

You also need to have a significant amount of bone tissue in your jaw for your implant to successfully fuse. If you don’t have enough healthy bone tissue, the team at Almaden Dental Associates can perform a bone graft using some of your bone from another part of your body, synthetic bone, or bovine bone to stimulate growth in the area where the implant is needed.

Patients who smoke cigarettes are not ideal candidates for dental implants as smoking makes your implant procedure more likely to fail.

If you’re interested in getting dental implants, schedule a visit with the team of dental professionals at Almaden Dental Associates. They can work with you to personally determine if implants would be beneficial to your smile. Book your visit today by phone or online.